Low Cost Optical Channel Monitors – CTM Series

Use our economical OCMs if you’re an OEM looking to meet aggressive cost targets for embedded DWDM monitoring for ROADM, multi-haul, and third-party wavelength applications.

Our low-cost, ultra-compact optical channel monitors are ideal for use in closed-loop control of power-equalized channels. They offer the capability to monitor DWDM signals with arbitrary modulation formats on a flexible channel grid.

CTM Series – Key Features

Use these for remote and automated monitoring, power control, and provisioning, as well as for self-managed Mux and gain equalization. Also use for power threshold alarms.

Key Features

  • 10G/40G/100G/400G/1T signals

  • Flex bandwidth for flexible grid applications

  • Full C- or L-band scanning range

  • Fast response time

  • Small size