Ultra-Wideband Optical Channel Monitor (UWB-OCM)

Use our wideband monitors when you’re an OEM who needs to measure both channel power and frequency over a broad range using just a single DWDM monitoring solution.

UWB-OCM has the widest optical frequency measurement range of >10 THz for a single device due to our proprietary METOD ultra-wide scanning tunable optical filter technology. It monitors up to 4 locations with a wide power measurement range from 0 dB to -40 dBm.

UWB-OCM – Key Specifications

Monitor C, L, C++, L++, or C+L WDM high-capacity grids, perform ROADM equalization or smart amplifier equalization, and conduct automated maintenance.

UWB-OCM – Key Specifications

Tuning Range (THz)


Maximum Number of Channels


Power Measurement Range (dBm)

0 to -40

Absolute Power Accuracy (dB)


Relative Power Accuracy (dB)


Absolute Frequency Accuracy (GHz)


Power Repeatability (dB)


Polarization Dependent Loss, PDL (dB)