WaveMaster Wavelength Meter
WaveMaster Wavelength Meter

WaveMaster Wavelength Meter

Pulse and CW Wavelength Measurement Key Features:

  • 0.005 nm accuracy
  • 0.001 nm resolution
  • Internal self-calibration
  • Easy setup
  • No warm-up required
  • 380-1095 nm wavelength range
  • RS-232 interface

Pulse and CW Wavelength Measurement

The WaveMaster measures the wavelength of both CW and pulsed lasers of any repetition rate. The wavelength can be displayed in GHz, wavenumbers, or nanometers with vacuum and air readings available.

The WaveMaster will read the peak wavelength of sources as wide as 2 nm from 400-1095 nm. Bandwidths wider than 2 nm can be accomodated at the longer wavelengths.

The WaveMaster is easy to use. Just turn on the readout and get the beam within 10 degrees of normal incidence to the sampling probe. The probe has a 2-meter fiber-optic cable and takes up a minimum of beam path space.

Most intensity variances are automatically accommodated, but for the strongest and weakest signals, a front panel attenuator adjustment and intensity readout quickly afford accurate readings. No special triggering modes or setups are required for pulse capture.

The WaveMaster is portable with AC and battery power. The large, easy-to-read display is backlit and has adjustable contrast control for ease of use viewing. Configuration settings are maintained in memory and retrieved on start-up for convenience. Communication with the WaveMaster is also easy with a built-in RS-232 interface.

User Friendly
The WaveMaster is easy to read, with front panel adjustments of contrast and back lighting for the extra-large display. Parameters that have been set up are clearly displayed, in addition to signal intensity and pulse retrieved indicators.

When in the CW mode of operation the display is updated at an easy-to-read 3 Hz rate. In the pulse mode, the display is updated at 3 Hz, and maintained for 5 seconds after a pulse for reading single events.

Calibration is maintained by sophisticated algorithms that monitor the WaveMaster’s response. Periodically, and upon indication from the algorithms, the WaveMaster is referenced to the fundamental Ne lines.

Pulse or CW Readings
The operation mode can be changed from CW, to CW with averaging, to pulse. In CW mode, the display is updated at 3 Hz with the last reading taken. In CW with averaging, the display is updated at 3 Hz with an average of the last 10 readings taken at 3 Hz.

When a valid pulse is received by the WaveMaster, the display will show the reading of that pulse for 15 seconds, or until another valid pulse or error condition is detected.

No Warm-Up Time
Once the unit is set up, press the power button and allow the unit to cycle through the self-test. After about 5 seconds the unit should enter the AUTOCALIBRATION mode. Once the AUTOCAL message is cleared from the display area, the WaveMaster is ready to make measurements.

Bright, Large Display Area
The display area can be backlit and the contrast can be adjusted for nearly all viewing conditions.

With self-monitoring algorithms and an internal spectral line source, the WaveMaster autocalibrates the spectrometer, maintaining accuracy.

Easy Setup
Feedback from the WaveMaster is straightforward with ease of use in mind. Once the signal is applied to the probe, the unit starts sampling to simplify setup. In CW mode the WaveMaster will Autorange to adjust the integration time on its sensor to match the incoming signal. This allows the quickest set up and the greatest versatility.

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