High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors 2WHigh-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors 2W
High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors 2W

High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors to 2W (RoHS)

Provide down to 10 µW measurement resolution and a wide spectral range. Key Features:

  • Thermally stabilized designs
  • 10 µW resolution
  • 10 mm and 19 mm apertures
  • RoHS compliant

High-Sensitivity Thermopile Sensors

The PS10 and PS19 model sensors are thermally stabilized, amplified thermopile sensors with a broad spectral response, high sensitivity, and a large active area. These sensors are ideal for measuring small laser diodes and HeNe lasers and small ion lasers. Unlike semiconductor detectors, these sensors have a flat broadband output and will not saturate above 1 mW/cm2.

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The PS10 model includes a light tube mounted to the front of the housing, which minimizes the effects of background radiation and narrows the field of view. Alternatively, the light tube can be removed and replaced by a fiber adapter accessory.

Where optimum stability is required, the PS10Q or PS19Q include a wedged quartz window, for applications from 0.3 to 2.0 µm. The quartz window more effectively eliminates thermal background radiation and the effects of air currents.

The PM3 sensors are similar in that they are amplified low-power thermopiles, but they do not contain the temperature-stabilization features of the PS series. The PM3 comes with a 10 mm inner diameter light tube to eliminate stray light; however, this can be removed to make use of the entire 19 mm diameter absorbing surface. The PM3Q replaces the light tube with a wedged quartz window to block spurious ambient thermal emissions from reaching the detector.

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Calibrating UV-C Sources for COVID Decontamination

Read how the Coherent PowerMax USB-PS10’s combination of power range and optically flat coating enables measurement of UV-C sources being used to kill pathogens like COVID-19.

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