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Laser Power Meters and Energy Meters

Laser Power and Energy Meters for any customer. From R&D and Manufacturing to Universities and Field Service.

As the world’s leading producer of laser systems, Coherent thoroughly understands the practical requirements and challenges of using laser measurement tools, putting us in a unique position to configure a laser measurement system that provides the right combination of performance, features, and cost for your specific needs. Click below to explore our full line of Laser Power Meters & Laser Energy Meters and fine the right device for your application.

Choosing a Laser Measurement System

Choosing a laser measurement system involves the selection of an appropriate laser energy sensor or laser power sensor, and then choosing the type of instrumentation desired to process the analog signal from the detector. The resulting power or energy data can then be displayed and analyzed. Coherent provides a number of instrumentation options, including USB and RS232 instrumentation built directly into the sensor itself, as well as stand-alone laser power meters that attach to our DB25 SmartSensor models.

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