Laser Machines and Systems

THz-Raman Integrated Systems

Complete turnkey systems designed from the ground up to provide the maximum information content with a powerful but simple and easy-to-use software interface.

The only microplate reader system of its kind, the TR-WPS combines Raman spectroscopy with a multitude of other features. ~10X stronger signals enable faster analysis with complete intra-well mapping. Or take advantage of the flexibility a modular system plus spectrometer bundle has to offer.

THz-Raman Integrated Systems Features

The TR-WPS platform is available in two versions with inverted (standard) or both inverted and top down (Twin) imaging. THz-Raman modular system bundles combine a modular system with spectrometer and software.


THz-Raman WPS HTS system

THz-Raman WALDO HTS system

THz-Raman System Bundle

Included Features:



Analysis Software

Upright Microscope



Inverted Microscope


Translation Stages


Automated Sample Collection


Polarized Light Microscopy Imaging


Dual Polarization Collection Option



Wavelength (nm)


Laser Output Power (mW)

Up to 300 mW at sample

Multimode: up to 300 mW at sample

Single mode: up to 50 mW at sample

Dimensions (mm)

950 (W) x 650 (D) x 415 (H)

950 (W) x 650 (D) x 570 (H)


Spectrometer Range (min) @785 nm

-300 to +2100 cm-1

Stokes-shift: 3000 cm-1 or greater

Anti-Stokes-shift: less than -250 cm-1

 Spectrometer Resolution @785 nm

4-6 cm-1

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