Profile Welding System (PWS)Profile Welding System (PWS)Profile Welding System (PWS)
Profile Welding System (PWS)

Profile Welding System (PWS)

The Turnkey, CO2 or Fiber Laser-Based Solution for Tube and Profile Welding

Combines laser, process sensors, precision motion and powerful software to deliver fast, accurate, high quality profile welds

The Coherent Profile Welding System is a CO2 or fiber laser-based turnkey system that delivers high quality, high throughput, tube and profile welds on a variety of metals. It incorporates an integrated process sensor for welding gap detection and tracking, together with fast and precise linear actuators to ensure accurate laser beam positioning (within a few microns to the seam gap position) while achieving welding speeds of up to 60 m/min.

The Coherent PWS is available with two different laser sources: an industry proven CO2 laser, which is well-established as delivering a stable, high quality process on most materials. Or, the unique HighLight-FL Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) fiber laser. This enables more precise control than traditional fiber lasers over the way that power is delivered at the work surface, leading to better weld characteristics. This FL-ARM has already proven to be particularly advantageous with stainless steel.

Other key features of the Profile Welding System include:

  • A new “reverse welding” feature that eliminates any gap in the weld seam when the system is stopped and then subsequently restarted
  • The new “automatic system height focus” capability which speeds changeovers to different diameter tubes, and automatically compensates for tolerance variations in actual tube diameter or machine settings
  • An operator control panel that offers clear and easy operation of all important system features
  • Industry 4.0 communications compatibility for increased efficiency and simplified integration in modern plant concepts
  • The ability to generate defined inside weld bead when required by the application
  • Coherent CleanWeld technology, which includes advanced process technology to provide more consistent results, i.e. through better control of melt pool dynamics with up to 80% less spatter