Laser Components and Accessories

THz-Raman Modular Systems

Modular systems are designed to upgrade virtually any spectrometer by expanding the collection range to include the low frequency Raman region (~5-150 cm-1) with multiple sample accessory options.

Systems include the laser and all necessary filters to produce a clean Raman spectrum to within ~5 cm-1. Single-mode and multimode laser options are available for low/high power small/large spot size. Optional dual polarization output splits the signal into separate channels for depolarization studies.

THz-Raman® Modular Systems Summary

Three different configurations ensure the right solution for everyone. All modules have a fiber optic output to the spectrometer for easy plug-and-play operation and a universal accessory port.



Spectroscopy Probe Module (TR-PROBE) 


Benchtop Spectroscopy Module (TR-BENCH) 



THz-Raman Microscope* Module (TR-MICRO) 

Wavelength Options (nm) 
Multimode 532, 785, 808 
Single-Mode 532, 785 
Power (mW)

Multimode: up to 300 mW at sample

Single mode: up to 50 mW at sample

Multimode: up to 450 mW at sample

Single mode: up to 70 mW at sample

Available Dual Polarization Output  
Physical Dimensions (mm) 

Head: 234 x 102.5 x 58.5 

Laser: 229 x 199 x 89

290  x 238 x 88 290 x 240 x 101
Weight (kg) < 8.5 < 7
Compatible Accessories      
Probe tip    
Vial holder
Non-contact optic  
FloodLight adapter
Microscope Adapter    
Transmission adapter    

*Microscope not included

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