Laser Components and Accessories

Laser Pump Modules for Pulsed Fiber Lasers

Get up to 1 W of broadband (Δλ= 10 nm) output from our laser diode module and minimize the risk of SBS, a common problem in pulsed fiber lasers using narrow-band pumps.

Our laser diode modules deliver high kink-free peak power with a 1060 center wavelength and an output spectrum similar to a SLD (super luminescent diode). They feature a compact 3-pin miniature package for easy integration and provide short pulses from 5-500 ns.

High Power Pulsed Laser Diode Modules

Use these for pumping fiber lasers or for Time of Flight sensing applications. They deliver polarized output from a PM fiber with a PR extinction ratio up to 13 dB.

Key Features

  • High kink-free pulsed output power, up to 1 W peak

  • Wavelength of 1060 nm

  • SLD-type spectrum of >10 nm

  • Short pulse operation of 5 ns - 500 ns

  • Hermetically sealed uncooled 3-pin micro-format package