Sunny Sun

President, Networking Segment


Sunny Sun joined II-VI in 2010 and has been the President of Photonics segment since October, 2016. Previously, he was the General Manager of Optical Communication Group since July 2014, and the President of Photop, a subsidiary of II-VI, since 2010. Prior to II-VI, he served at Koncent Communication, Inc. as the President & CEO from 2000, and at Photop Technologies, Inc. (a merger of Koncent and other companies) as the president from 2003. 

Previously, he was employed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a research scientist on lasers and nonlinear optics development in 1987 and contributed to the invention of LBO crystal for high power lasers in 1989.  Sunny Sun graduated from Tianjin University with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a Master degree in Solid State Physics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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