Diagnostic Imaging

Improve performance for many imaging modalities with reliable laser sources, fiber optics, and fiber delivery assemblies.

  • Higher Reliability Depend on high quality Coherent lasers, laser components, and optical fibers.
  • Optimize Performance Get exactly the results you need with readily customized laser and fibers.
  • Stay On-time Keep production on schedule with a reliable supplier that meets volume demands.
Diagnostic Imaging


Base your system on high-reliability diode laser stacks, fiber-coupled modules, and even unmounted chips.

MRI Imaging

Photoacoustic Imaging

Use long lifetime, efficient, high-performance solid-state lasers.

Photoacoustic Imaging

Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT)

Performance optimized optical fibers and complete fiber assemblies for a wide range of OCT systems.

OCT Imaging

Ultrafast Laser Generated X-rays

Rely on USP lasers with unmatched performance and reliability.

Laser X-Rays
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Diode Lasers: More Than Skin-Deep Cosmetic Benefits

Discover why diode lasers are the frontline tools used in laser hair removal and in laser wrinkle reduction methods like fractional resurfacing.

Diode lasers deliver cosmetic benefits that are more than skin-deep

Customer Success Stories

Calibrating UV-C Sources for COVID Decontamination

See how the Coherent PowerMax USB-PS10 power sensor has enabled Power and Controls Technology Inc., together with the University of West Florida’s Laser Lab, to directly measure the actual energy dosage produced by several commercial UV-C sterilization systems.

The Coherent PowerMax power meter gives us a quick, reliable way to measure the power of UV-C sources. Plus, it’s calibrated and NIST traceable which gives us a high degree of confidence in the absolute accuracy of the readings it delivers.
Daniel Patanjo, EE PE Power and Controls Technology, Inc. (PCTi)

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