Life Sciences

Optimized for research and OEMs

Get the broadest selection of lasers for life sciences, laser engines, and more — for performance, ease of use, and your budget. Wavelengths from UV to IR. Pulse widths from CW to femtoseconds. Power from mW to 10s of watts.

DNA Sequencing Lasers

DNA Sequencing

Choose from a broad range of DNA sequencing lasers and light engines for high-throughput applications as well as research and clinical uses.

Flow Cytometry Lasers

Flow Cytometry

Discover flow cytometry lasers plus integrated multi-wavelength light engines with superior optical performance and lower noise, for the best beam quality and CV.

Confocal Microscopy and Imaging

Microscopy & Imaging

Get a complete range of scanning and imaging lasers for all types of confocal microscopy, as well as super-resolution methods like STED and PALM/STORM.

Optogenetics Lasers


Power your optogenetics using CW lasers with the perfect wavelength to match any opsin or use an ultrafast laser to target multiple individual neurons.

Pharmaceutical Laser Screening

Pharmaceutical Screening

Build faster microplate readers for pharmaceutical laser screening with unmatched images and excitation, superior beam quality, and consistent performance.

Raman Spectroscopy Techniques

Raman Techniques

Simplify Raman spectroscopy and microscopy with ultrafast narrow-line lasers across the entire visible spectrum with output power from milliwatts to Watts.

Spectroscopy Lasers


Discover the broadest range of spectroscopy lasers to get the perfect match for LIBS, MALDI-TOF, Raman, CARS, SRS, LA-ICP-MS, and more.

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