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How to Weld Medical Devices with Highest Precision and Quality

29. June 2021, CET 16:00 - 16:45 pm | CST 9:00 - 9:45 am

Speakers: Thomas Schreiner and Wolfgang Illich

How to Produce High-Contrast, Permanent Marks on Medical Devices

13. July 2021, CET 16:00 - 16:45 pm | CST 9:00 - 9:45 am

Speakers: Thorsten Ferbach and Dietrich Tönnies

How to Cut Medical Devices with High-Precision Laser Systems

15. July 2021, CET 16:00 - 16:45 pm | CST 9:00 - 9:45 am

Speakers: Roland Wölzlein and Thomas Schreiner

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ExactCut 430 for high-precision laser cutting

Speakers: Thomas Schreiner, Chris Janker

Market/Solution: Precision Manufacturing


Automatic Marking and Kiss Cutting of Labels

Speakers: Thorsten Ferbach

Market/Solution: Automotive

Semiconductor Tapered Amplifiers as a Tool for Quantum Technologies and LiDAR

Speakers: Márc Kelemen and Joerg Neukum

Market/Solution: Components

How to scale up power in fiber laser systems using new Ultrafast fibers

Speakers: Aditya Suresh and Joshua Bradford

Market/Solution: Components

How to pump Yb fiber lasers with the highest possible power

Speakers: Joerg Neukum and Florian Lenhardt

Market/Solution: Components

Advanced Components for Laser Solutions in Manufacturing, Medical, and Defense

Speaker: Timothy McComb

Market/Solution: Components

Laser Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

Speakers: Wolfgang Illich, Roland Wölzlein, Thorsten Ferbach

Market/Solution: Cutting, Marking, Medical Device Manufacturing, Welding

SmartWeld+ and SmartCut+ - A New Approach to Laser Welding and Cutting

Speaker: Markus Danner

Market/Solution: Cutting, Welding

Highly Automated Marking of Tubular Devices

Speaker: Dave Girardot

Market/Solution: Marking, Medical Device Manufacturing

Compact Table-Top Marking and Engraving System

Speaker: Wolfgang Illich

Market/Solution: Marking

The Smart Way of High-Speed Laser Marking

Speaker: Dietrich Tönnies

Market/Solution: Marking

3D Marking with SmartMap3D Technology

Speaker: Dietrich Tönnies

Market/Solution: 3D Marking, Marking

How to choose the right laser for tube and profile welding

Speakers: Stefan Ziesemer and Peter Kallage

Market/Solution: Materials Processing

New ways to meet challenges in laser welding of powertrain components

Speakers: Peter Kallage and Jens von Stamm

Market/Solution: Automotive

How new laser technologies can help advance your battery manufacturing

Speakers: Marc Auger and JP Lavoie

Market/Solution: Automotive

How to Advance Aluminum Laser Welding in Automotive Structures

Speakers: Marc Auger and JP Lavoie

Market/Solution: Automotive

How to advance polymer processing for the automotive industry

Speakers: Jake Wieloch and Dan Attanasio

Market/Solution: Automotive

How to mark automotive labels just-in-time with highest production uptime

Speaker: Thorsten Ferbach

Market/Solution: Automotive