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Custom Optics (TIOS)

Build high-performance, large aperture optical systems for space, airborne and ground astronomy, directed energy, surveillance, countermeasures, and communications.

Coherent TIOS (formerly Tinsley) has nearly 100 years of experience in the design, fabrication, metrology, coating, and assembly of reflective and refractive optical components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies - up to 1.5 m.

Fabrication, Coating, Assembly, and Metrology

Use TIOS optics in the most demanding applications and mission critical systems, whenever there’s no chance for a second chance.

Product Specifications

Key Capabilities 


Spherical, aspheric, cylindric, and freeform surfaces, up to 1.5 m diameter, from materials ranging from standard and low expansion glass, to aluminum, beryllium, nickel, and silicon carbide. Metal fabrication capabilities include integrating mount structures with the optical surface.  


The acquisition of Quantum Coatings enables TIOS to deliver the world’s premier space qualified metal coatings, including protected silver (FSS99) and protected gold (FSG98), as well as traditional evaporated coatings. Nickel plating of metal surfaces is also offered in conjunction with extremely low surface roughness polishing services.  


Vertically integrated capabilities for producing opto-mechanical assemblies, including expertise in space qualified and military-grade, lightweight assemblies. Expertise includes precision bonding, precision optical alignment, and the integration of mechanical flexures for low stress optical mounts.  


We take interferometry, surface roughness, and profilometry data, and apply proprietary processing algorithms to generate component surface error maps. These are then used to control our fabrication equipment to successfully correct surface errors across low, mid, and high spatial frequency bands. This enables us to economically produce optics with unmatched surface accuracy and optical performance on a prototype through production basis.  

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