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Coherent regularly takes part and contributes to the many laser industry communities and markets around the globe.

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"How to scale up power in fiber laser systems using new Ultrafast fibers"

New Ultrafast NuUF fibers offer an opportunity to scale up power while avoiding the costs and risks associated with solid state designs. Our fibers provide a path to a seamless transition to a higher powered system with significantly reduced cost and weight.

How to pump Yb fiber lasers with the highest possible power?

Speakers: Joerg Neukum and Florian Lenhardt

"Laser Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing”

Speakers: Wolfgang Illich, Roland Wölzlein, Thorsten Ferbach

"3D Marking with SmartMap3D Technology”

Speaker: Dietrich Tönnies

"How to choose the right laser for tube and profile welding"

Speakers: Stefan Ziesemer and Peter Kallage

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