The High-Power Ion Laser Leader since 1969.

​Noble gas ion lasers are among most mature of all laser technologies. Coherent has been in the high-power ion laser business from the very dawn of the laser industry.

With technological maturity comes performance and reliability that was unheard of when ion lasers first made their name in applications as diverse as ophthalmologic photocoagulation, laser pumping and holography. From flow cytometry to laser light shows, and everything in between, Coherent ion lasers have been there. We are the acknowledged leader, with the market position and installed base to prove it. That is why ion lasers are still the light source of choice for mission-critical applications in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries worldwide.

More About Ion Lasers:

An ion laser is by its very nature a more cumbersome device than many of its more cutting-edge brethren. Over the years, Coherent refined the product performance, reliability, and user interface through the iterative deployment of a simple, yet elegant notion: design a thoroughly superior passive device, then augment with a small and powerful selection of performance-enhancing convenience features. We pioneered design elements such as high-thermal mass resonator material, precision magnetic actuators distributed computing, and automated wavelength capture and tuning, just to name a few.

That said, given both the technological maturity of ion lasers, and the scope of the available laser technologies, why choose an ion laser for your application? The answer is simpler than you might think. It’s the best fit for many applications.

If you have requirements for one or more of the following, a Coherent ion laser may be the right solution for your application:

Coherent Ion Lasers Feature:

Innova Series V™ metal-ceramic plasma tube—the benchmark for performance and reliability—100% manufactured in the USA. These tubes are always factory fresh, and never refurbished. They feature crystalline quartz optical windows and proprietary optical coatings for highest VUV resistance and longest life. Select tubes feature Coherent’s sealed-mirror technology, which further enhances performance for dedicated UV- or Visible-only applications.