New Product: Rapid LX

Coherent Rapid LX Laser

Introducing the new Rapid LX — a true industrial picosecond laser platform for 24/7 production Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the new Rapid LX, a true industrial picosecond laser platform designed for 24/7 production environments of the display, microelectronics, advanced marking, and brittle material processing industries. The most powerful picosecond laser. Period. The Rapid LX […]? →Read more

Delivering roundels for the Thirty Meter Telescope

Team delivers first roundels

Coherent recently delivered the first shipment of precision mirrors for the Thirty Meter Telescope. →Read more

Copper Welding for Energy Storage Production

Rising demand for Li-ion batteries is fueling a new generation of laser welding solutions for maximum throughput, quality, and cost characteristics. →Read more

Improved Axon 780 for Label-Free Imaging Benefits

Axon 780 laser source

The new Axon 780 is an advanced feature, value-priced femtosecond laser for demanding 2 photon microscopy, nanofabrication, and inspection of wafers and thin films. →Read more

New ExactMark 210 Marking System Now Available

Permanent laser marking on metal ring

The new ExactMark 210 is a value-priced and feature-rich laser marking machine with the capabilities of larger marking systems. →Read more

WaferLase II Streamlines NGS Flow Cell Production

The new Coherent WaferLase II automated glass cutting systems combines automation with the proprietary SmartCleave technology for an environmentally friendly, low cost production solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Flow Cells. →Read more

New office in Shenzhen opens

Coherent customers in China recently celebrated the opening of a new office in Shenzhen. Seventeen companies in the region came together for a reception, presentations, and a champagne toast to the team. The highlight of the event was a tour of the facility’s well-equipped lab, which occupies over 400 square meters. The lab houses advanced processing tools […]? →Read more

Coherent and II-VI: Innovating Automotive Laser Welding

Announcing Supply Agreement for Turnkey Automotive and Electrification Welding Solution Yesterday, we announced a supply agreement with II‐VI Incorporated to enable faster process development and streamlined production services for automotive laser welding applications.  The agreement will support a range of applications, including high-strength alloy welding for automotive body-in-white applications and mass production copper welding for […]? →Read more

Laser black marking for demanding applications

ExactMark 230 Simplifies Laser Black Marking Laser black marking applications for medical devices, automotive, and consumer products, as well as other advanced marking tasks, are all streamlined and automated by the new ExactMark 230 USP from Coherent. This highly integrated system combines our PowerLine Rapid NX ultrafast laser marker and motion hardware together with user-friendly […]? →Read more

888nm fiber-coupled single-emitter pump diode modules

Utilizing the new long-wavelength (888 nm) FACTOR series of fiber-coupled (FC) pump diode modules from Coherent will enable diode-pumped, solid-state laser builders to achieve higher power, without sacrificing beam quality. These advantages are even more pronounced when pumping solid-state lasers intended for frequency conversion using non-linear crystals.  The single-emitter format used in the FACTOR series is based on low-current operation and allows the use of simplified power […]? →Read more