How to Get 2X Faster Laser Marking of Larger Fields

The Coherent PowerLine F Twin combines two lasers as a larger/faster marker with a single user interface.

July 1, 2021 by Coherent

Powerline F Twin


A simple and economical laser marker doubles the throughput for plastic and metal applications, including label marking and kiss-cutting, semiconductors, and serialization of trays of parts.

In fact, the new PowerLine F Twin series of laser markers doubles both your marking speed and field size. This system seamlessly combines two of our proven, economical, air-cooled fiber lasers into what appears to the user as a single marker.  Physically, the markers are arranged with slightly overlapping scan fields to double the area that can be marked.

The PowerLine F Twin optionally includes fast-focusing modules (FFM) for precision focusing prior to each marking task. This provides a major advantage in marking parts that have marking locations in multiple focal planes, such as semiconductor lead frames.

PowerLine F lasers utilize air-cooled fiber lasers in the 20 to 50 W power range designed for zero maintenance, high reliability, and reduced operating costs. And, with variable pulsing up to 200 kHz, they are also fast!

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