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PowerLine Monaco

PowerLine Ultrashort Pulse Sub-Systems

Ultrashort Pulse (USP) Laser-Based Scanning Sub-System for Precision Micromachining

Cold materials processing enables high-precision cutting, structuring and marking of many materials without thermal damage

Coherent PowerLine USP products combine a high power, ultra-short pulse laser and precision scan optics to deliver rapid throughput and superior quality cutting, scribing and marking of a wide range of materials used in microelectronics and medical device manufacturing industry, as well as other industries. Plus, the laser source support burst mode operation, which has proven to significantly increase ablation rates in certain materials.

PowerLine USP products are Class IV laser sub-systems that include either a HyperRapid or Monaco laser source, a two axis galvanometer deflector, a beam expander and an f-theta scan lens. The HyperRapid NX is a picosecond, ultrashort pulse laser (up to 100 W at 1064 nm or up to 50 W at 532 nm) that delivers an ideal combination of minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) and high throughput for a variety of precision materials processing tasks. The Monaco is a femtosecond, ultrashort pulse laser (up to 60 W at 1035 nm or up to 30 W at 517 nm) that further minimizes HAZ for processing the most delicate materials. The PowerLine scan optics, which are optimized for ultrashort pulse laser processing, can cover several fields of view. This combination produces small focused spot sizes at the work surface, with high positional accuracy and stability, resulting in the ability to quickly and consistently create fine features, narrow cuts and high contrast marks with minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). PowerLine products are also designed and built to deliver exceptional reliability and longevity. These lasers leverage Coherent’s extensive expertise with USP sources to deliver unmatched lifetime. Numerous beam delivery options and various accessories, such as vision systems, further extend the flexibility and capabilities of the system, simplifying the task of the system integrator.

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