Laser Machines and Systems

UW Systems

Versatile turnkey Universal Workstations for precision CNC laser processing of 2D and 3D parts, with a complete choice of nanosecond, USP or fiber laser sources.

UW workstations are flexible and economical multi-axis machines offered in either a closed (Class 1) format or open (Class 4) for very large parts. They are available in three footprints with options such as a rotary table and heavy (45 kg) part handling.

UW Series – Key Options and Parameters

Choose the size you want, the best laser for your application, and the number of motorized axes you need. All controlled by the simple Laser Framework software suite.


Product Specifications

Model Name

Overall Dimension, H x W x D (mm)

Standard Features 

Key Optional Features 

UW 150 RT 

1780 x 813 x 1525

710 mm diameter dial plate 

Motorized Z axis 

UW 180

1930 x 1727 x 965 

 300 mm x 300 mm XY stages 

1060 mm x 1060 mm work envelope 

Rotary axis 

UW 1200 

2540 x 1400 x 2260 

3 linear motion axes 

2 rotary drives 

Error mapping for high accuracy