10 GHz FP and DFB Laser Diode Chips

Use these laser diode chips to build transceivers and other communications components for O-band (13XX nm) fiber optical networks, data centers, and systems at up to 10 GHz.

These small Fabry-Perot (FP) and Distributed Feedback (DFB) InP laser diodes are ideal sources for short to medium-reach datacom. The FP models offer low cost with no need for an optical isolator. Both types feature a minimum relaxation oscillation frequency >10 GHz.

FP12 and DFB15 – 28 Gbps Lasers

Choose FP models for single channel applications where low cost is paramount. Use the DFB chips for CWDM-L applications needing specific wavelengths (L0, L1, L2, L3).

Key Features

  • All models designed for 10 Gb/s

  • FP type supports isolator-free operation

  • FP operating temperature -40 °C to 95 °C 

  • DFB is available at four CWDM-L wavelengths

  • DFB operating temperature -20 °C to 95 °C

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