Semiconductor Manufacturing

Support fabs from the most advanced transistor nodes all the way to legacy nodes by locating and avoiding defects, and processing advanced materials like low-κ dielectrics.

  • Highest Resolution Work at the highest resolution with a wide selection of short wavelength lasers.
  • Improved Sensitivity Increase defect detection sensitivity and process faster with higher powers and shorter laser wavelengths.
  • UV Reliability Enjoy exceptional reliability in UV and DUV lasers thanks to our unsurpassed experience.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Lasers

Wafer Inspection

Ultraviolet laser sources that provide high power for speed or enhanced detection sensitivity, plus the longest operational lifetime and uptime characteristics.

Mask Writing

Excimer and optically pumped semiconductor lasers with exceptionally high stability and reliability to power mask writing for mature nodes.

Mask Inspection

Fab certified and highly reliable 193 nm excimer lasers and 266 nm DPSS lasers, plus ion lasers that consistently identify the smallest reticle defects.

Wafer Annealing

Both visible and infrared wavelength lasers with the high power and accurate pulse length control necessary for rapid, precision dopant activation.

Wafer Dicing

High power, ultrashort pulse lasers for high throughput scribing of low-κ dielectrics and full ablative dicing, that yield high die strength and avoid delamination.

Wafer Marking

Visible and UV wavelength solid state lasers that produce high contrast, high resolution, easily machine readable marks, without causing debris or microcracks.


Success Stories

The high pulse energy of LEAP enables fast deposition and annealing. The stable output and flat-top beam profile give us precise control over both the deposition and annealing processes
Hagen Grüttner Project ANTACON, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany

New Excimer Process Rapidly Creates Super Hard DLC Films at Low Temperatures

Learn how the Mittweida team at University of Applied Sciences have achieved a hardness of up to 70 GPa with Young’s moduli of 700 to 800 GPa which leads to an extremely high operational wear resistance.

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