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Excimer Beam Delivery Optics

Superior quality optics matched to the unique combination of high pulse energy, short UV wavelengths, and high power.

Many applications for excimer lasers need delivery optics – for projecting, homogenizing, and/or attenuating the beam. Coherent uses an unmatched combination of experience and technical knowledge to create optomechanical tools for this challenge. 

Excimer Beam Delivery Optics - Overview

Simplify your excimer laser application with standard and custom beam delivery optics and optomechanical modules.


Product Specifications

Product Type

Key Features


Variable attenuator includes compensator plate to eliminate beam walk-off 


Generates 5x5 mm or 10x10 mm uniform field with <± 5% variation 

Projection Lenses 

5X or variable 4-10X demagnification with higher values on request