High-Power Fiber Laser for Laser Welding - HighLight™ FL-ARM from Coherent
High-Power Fiber Laser for Laser Welding - HighLight™ FL-ARM from Coherent

HighLight FL-ARM

High-Power Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) Fiber Lasers

HighLightTM FL-ARM (Adjustable Ring Mode) products are unique fiber lasers that deliver a significant advance in welding, particularly for traditionally “challenging” materials and applications.

Improve fiber laser weld quality and yield with CleanWeld

CleanWeld from Coherent is a unique combination of fiber laser innovations, beam delivery, and process knowledge, which improves part quality, increases throughput, and lowers process costs. Weld zero-gap galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum with up to 80% less spatter, lower porosity, and no cracking..

All HighLight FL-ARM products feature two independently controllable, co-axial beams from a single fiber, providing a new level of flexibility for applications. This configuration permits heat to be applied to the work piece in a much more spatially and temporally controlled manner than previously possible with traditional, single beam fiber lasers. The result is a much less turbulent and more stable melt pool, leading the better and more consistent welding results.

Compact High-Power FL-ARM Lasers

HighLight FL-ARM Compact series products are high power lasers (2 – 10 kW) specifically designed to enable high-quality welding of challenging materials like high-strength steel, aluminum, or copper, and are physically small enough for space constrained installations. Particular applications for HighLight FL-ARM Compact lasers are zero-gap welding of zinc-coated steel, and welding aluminum without filler wire, while still producing minimal spatter, and no hot cracking.

High-Power FL-ARM Lasers with Beam Management

These high power (2 – 10 kW) fiber lasers offer all the same operational benefits as Coherent Compact High-Power FL-ARM Lasers. Additionally, they maximize operational flexibility through the addition of either a Fiber-Fiber-Switch (FFS) or Fiber-Fiber-Coupler (FFC), which allows power sequentially between two separate workstations or processes. This increases throughput in cost sensitive, high volume welding applications, particularly in automotive manufacturing, such as welding of doors, hang-on parts, ultra-high strength steel components, and aluminum body frames. Alternately, the second fiber can act as a redundant backup for the first, thus minimizing service downtime if the first process fiber becomes damaged through use.

Fiber Laser with Superior Brightness Center Beam and Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM)

The HighLight™ FL4000CSM-ARM has a total output power of 4 kW (1.5 kW center + 2.5 kW ring). The fiber center core has the nominal diameter of 22 µm (with 15 m fiber length) producing a smaller spot size compared to other HighLight FL-ARM lasers.

The laser extends the welding application areas over the standard single-mode fiber lasers, enabling it to weld “challenging” materials that were difficult or impossible to process in the past. These include thin (some tenths of a mm) substrates which do not tolerate high total heat input (e.g. foil to tab welding), and mixed materials having significantly different thicknesses and melting points.

Features & Benefits

• Output power: 2,000 - 10,000 Watts • Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) • Excellent stability over the entire power range (1% to 100%) • Inherently back-reflection safe • Industry-leading closed loop power control for high process consistency • Optimized power profile programming tool for welding processes • CleanWeld technology to optimize welding results


High-quality welding of challenging materials like high-strength steel, aluminum, or copper • Cutting

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