Laser Components and Accessories

HIGHmotion 2D

Produce high-quality, reliable welds on even the most challenging materials - including aluminum and copper - with this flexible 2D remote laser welding head.

HIGHmotion 2D processing heads combine superior optical performance and exceptional operational reliability to enable cost-effective production welding in demanding tasks, such as welding highly reflective materials in e-mobility manufacturing.


Get the performance and features you need for high-speed welding over large fields of view.

Optical Mechanical Software
  • Field size of 251 mm x 372 mm
  • Nearly telecentric over the entire field
  • Up to 8 kW CW power LLK-D and
  • LLK-Q interface
  • 1.5X 2.25X, 3X, and 4X magnification options
  • Working distance over 0.5 m
  • Can directly integrate HIGHvision
  • Robust construction, including dustproof housing, stainless steel water-cooling circuit, and monitored cover slide
  • Self-calibrating, high-performance galvanometers for high accuracy and long-term stability
  • Several crossjet options
  • Camera adapter


  • Software suite includes traceability, data matrix and QR-code marking, event logging, and complete system monitoring
  • Compatible with all common process observation tools