General Optics

Low-Roughness Aluminum Mirrors

Build lightweight optical systems with high-performance aluminum optics available with various surface profiles, including off-axis parabolas and other freeforms.

These low-roughness aluminum mirrors deliver high reflectance and minimal scatter. They can be used as low f-number components and even integrate mounting functionality to yield compact, lightweight, high-performance optical systems.

Low-Roughness Aluminum Mirrors Capabilities

Specify the mirror shape and coating you need to support applications ranging from spectroscopy, LiDAR, ADAS, 3D printing, barcode scanning, to avionics.

Typical Low-Roughness Aluminum Mirror Specifications

Size Range


Surface Shapes

Flat, Spherical, Cylindrical, Freeform

Surface Accuracy

λ/4 per inch at 632.8 nm

Surface Quality


Surface Roughness (Ra)

50 Å RMS

Protected Aluminum Coating

Average Reflectivity > 86 % from 190 nm to 690 nm