Broadly tunable femtosecond and picosecond Ti:Sapphire laser systems for simplicity and flexibility in a well-proven design that delivers a powerful, versatile ultrafast source.

Still the market leader in flexible fs/ps lasers, Mira includes Ultra-Wave optics to enable 690 - 1050 nm tuning with a single optics set. The unique Optima™ control and diagnostics package greatly simplifies daily operation and its patented ß-lock feature provides skip-free ps wavelength tuning.

Mira – Key Options and Parameters

All Mira models have a tuning range 700 - 1000 nm and laser head dimensions 1111 x 381 x 197 mm. 

Product Specifications

Model Name

Pulse Width

Output Power (W)

Pulse Repetition Rate (MHz) 

Noise (%)

Mira Optima 900-F

<115 fs 

0.75 – 1.8 (Depends on choice of Verdi pump laser.)

76 (nominal) 


Mira Optima 900-P

<2 ps (other options available)

Mira Optima 900-D

<115 fs and <2 ps (other options available)


<130 fs 



<2 ps (other options available)



<130 fs and <2 ps (other options available)

Same as HP-F and HP-D