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FLBK SC LFS processing head for welding


Fiber laser-based sub-system for engine connecting rod scribing

Offers an unmatched combination of high uptime and process consistency to dramatically lower conrod production costs

These Class 4, fiber laser-based sub-systems incorporate beam delivery optics, a rotating gas nozzle, and controller, for scribing internal combustion engine conrods prior to hydraulic cracking. The QFS with FLBK SC has a 50 W, ns pulsewidth laser. The LFS with FLBK SC uses a 150 W, µs pulsewidth source. These are the only fully integrated laser solutions for conrod scribing available, simplifying integration and delivering superior results.

The FLBK SC makes it easy to build systems for fast, highly consistent laser scribing of engine conrods. All the integrator needs to do is supply part handling and motion.

There are two laser options. The QFS with FLBK SC uses a 50 W, ns pulsewidth fiber laser. This is an economical choice for producing v notches of up to 1 mm in depth, making it useful for most automobile and other small engine conrods.

The LFS with FLBK SC incorporates a 150 W, µs regime pulsewidth fiber laser. This source provides sufficient power to make perforations up to 2 mm in depth, and is therefore useful with conrods for trucks or other large engines, and even complete motor blocks.

A key feature of the FLBK SC is its unique, motorized beam delivery head. This enables very rapid and highly accurate repositioning of the beam to the opposite side of the connecting rod after the first scribe has been made.

The FLBK SC enables high speed (as little as 0.5 seconds per scribe at rates up to 3m/min) scribing of engine conrods, with excellent repeatability. And, it’s an extremely robust and reliable sub-system. This lets system integrators utilize it with confidence, knowing that it will deliver the performance required by their own end users, and require minimal maintenance and service in the field.