KSC - Kilowatt Signal Combiner

Combine the output of multiple kW class fiber lasers into a single fiber with high efficiency using one of these KSC Kilowatt Signal Combiners.

Based on our proprietary tapered fiber technology, KSC devices feature high optical efficiency which enables multi-kilowatts of laser power to be safely combined with up to 1.5 kW of backward power handling. They are characterized by low thermal slope and low M2.

KSC – Typical Specifications Overview

Use these anywhere in the typical 1060-1080 nm fiber wavelength range to get the performance listed here. Custom designs with user-specified fibers are also available.

Input Fiber Type

Output Fiber Type 

Typ. Power Transfer Efficiency (%) 

Min. Power Transfer Efficiency (%) 

Max. Combined Power(W)

Max. Input Power per Port (W)

34/130 0.095 NA or 

20/130 0.065 NA or 

25/250 0.065 NA

100/120/360 0.22 NA or

100/140/250 0.15 NA or

100/140/200 0.15 NA