Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator (FAOM)

Use a laser intensity modulator to pick pulses for amplification or apply 120 MHz side-bands for heterodyne sensing applications.

These modulators are based on acousto-optic grade crystals, stable optical collimators, and high-precision mechanical structures. They feature low (1.2 dB) insertion loss and excellent power handling. Custom OEM designs and prototypes are also available.

FAOM – Some Key Specifications

Minimize your system power budget thanks to high RF efficiency (VSWR = 1.2:1) and high (80 %) optical diffraction efficiency.

Operating Wavelength (nm) 

RF Frequency (MHz)  

Insertion Loss (dB)  

Extinction Ratio (dB) 

Rise/Fall Time (ns) 

Fiber Type 







Coherent NuFUD-3584