General Optics

Biconic & Toroidal Optics

Simplify construction of anamorphic beam expanders or produce elliptically shaped focused spots with these versatile optics.

Biconic lenses are precision diamond-turned optics which have two different radii - which can be spherical or aspherical - on a single surface. They reduce component count and are simpler to align than systems based on multiple cylindrical lenses.


Biconic Lenses Features

  • Biconic optical power can be placed on one surface which reduces component count.
  • The perpendicularity of the curves is set during fabrication, making biconic lenses easier to align than two individual cylindrical lenses.
  • Biconic lenses simplify design and construction of anamorphic beam expanders.
  • Biconic lenses provide a simple means to obtain elliptically shaped spots and line beams.


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