KTP Family Crystals

Benefit from the large nonlinear optical coefficient and high conversion efficiency of KTP family crystals to double Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers, and even OPOs.

Coherent is a fully vertically integrated laser crystal manufacturer, with comprehensive crystal growth capacity, metrology to consistently minimize absorption, extensive coating facilities, in-house laser damage testing, and assembly capabilities.

KTP Family Crystal Capabilities

Specify crystal type, dimensions, coating requirements, and even assembly specifications.

Crystal Capabilities

Aperture/Length (mm)

Key Features




30x30 / 50

Absorption < 250ppm/cm @ 1064 nm  

Ideal for OPO applications (KTP/KTA)  

Ideal for EOM’s or intracavity SHG of 1064 nm  

Polishing to scratch/dig of 0/0 and 4 Å RMS