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May 27, 2021 by Jeff Nolan

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Building a new website is not the thing that gets a laser company or our customers excited. We know that. 

What I would like to share with you today are some behind-the-scenes decisions that we made last year when we sat down to prioritize what is important for our customers and employees in the new digital experience.

The COVID experience over the last 14 months has changed everything. Irrespective of what new normal emerges in the months ahead, the fact remains that we are living our personal and professional lives differently now. It is strategically imperative that companies meet this challenge through enhanced digital experiences that are additive in nature. It's not enough just to do what we did before but not do it online, we have to be better and we have to do more. 

Coherent and our customers are not unique. We must build our customer relationships without the benefit of meeting you in person and we are supporting more customers remotely. We're doing more online and virtual as a result. The Amplify virtual events have proven to be an effective alternative to the trade shows that previously dominated our calendar. Products feature remote management and support diagnostic services to further enable remote support and service. The world has changed, we have changed. 

A new website is tangible evidence of the intention that is manifest in what you see when you are on it. It also reveals where we will go together. Simple and streamlined with half of the pages that were on the old website. We set a design goal of getting you from the homepage to a product or solution in no more than 3 clicks. 

We invested big in on-site search because we know our product and solution depth makes any effort to encapsulate it all in the navigation an impossible task. Try it now, the search service is powerful and will continue to improve thanks to AI-powered features. 

Customer success stories, a new Resources Center, and links to shop.coherent.com pages are just a few of the features we have added to the site. We have improved accessibility for visitors with disabilities, all images have alt-text and font and color choices were made with readability and contrast in mind. 

This effort would not have been possible without a strong team. Qualified Digital is our partner in this effort and we leaned heavily on an all-star roster of team members who worked tirelessly at every step in the process to deliver a high-quality experience that we are extremely proud of as we launch it today. There are many improvements we have planned and our project list is defined by the original design goals that conceived this project: Can we deliver an even better customer experience that doesn't just set us apart but leads the industry as a whole. 


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