Fluorescence Filters

Achieve low-noise fluorescence detection in life sciences instrumentation by efficiently separating the fluorescence from any scattered excitation light.

Optimized for your specific OEM application and fluorophore, Coherent will work with your team to design a perfectly matched filter set. We use multiple types of thin film coating technologies to create bandpass, long pass, short pass, dichroic, and other filters.

Some Typical Performance Specifications

Benefit from hard-coated excitation and emission filters that provide precise wavelength control, industry-leading transmission, very steep edges, and superior blocking.

Size Range (mm)

Substrate Materials

Spectral Range

Edge Steepness (T 50%-OD>4)

Center Wavelength Accuracy (nm)

Blocking Efficiency

Typical Transmission


All Glass Types

340 nm – 10 µm

0.5 %

± 2nm (±0.5 special case)

>OD6, Measured Limit: OD7

>95 %