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Coherent PM10K+ Speeds Measurements by 500%

PM10K+ Laser

Image 1: New PM10K+ Laser Power Sensor for High kW Applications


PITTSBURGH, May 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Coherent Corp. (NYSE: COHR), a pioneer in laser test and measurement instruments, proudly announces the launch of its next-generation high-power laser sensor designed to support the expanding high-power applications market and reduce measurement times by up to 500%.

Introducing the Coherent PM10K+ Laser Power Sensor

The new Coherent PM10K+ laser power sensor can measure the power output of CW lasers up to 10 kW (12 kW intermittent) in less than 3 seconds. This cutting-edge sensor features a large 65 mm x 65 mm active area (6.5 in²) to prevent clipping of large beam sizes and includes a laser interlock function that terminates the laser during measurement to protect the sensor from damage. It is ideally suited for high-power CO2, fiber, and diode lasers used in industrial applications such as cutting, welding, brazing, drilling, cladding, ablation, and heat treating.

Innovations and Performance

Designed from the ground up for high-power laser measurement, the PM10K+ sensor incorporates key innovations for exceptional performance. Coherent, a leader in thermal management technology, developed a novel heat sink design and integrated it with high-performance components, including advanced temperature sensors. This hardware is complemented by proprietary algorithms for thermal modeling, fluid dynamics, and data acquisition and processing, making the PM10K+ the fastest kW-class calorimeter-based power sensor available today.

"Higher laser power opens new markets and applications, offering cost savings for manufacturers. However, if power measurements – a critical step for ensuring process consistency – become a bottleneck, it can negate the speed advantage of high-power lasers," explains Michael Cook, Vice President and General Manager of the Laser Systems and Measurement Business Unit. "Understanding this challenge, our engineering team developed a modern sensor architecture that delivers the speed, accuracy, and reliability that industrial users need. The result is a unique power sensor that allows manufacturers to fully benefit from industrial lasers up to 10 kW."

Connectivity and Integration

The PM10K+ sensor is available in two interface formats: a USB interface for direct connection to desktop or laptop computers, and a DB25 cable compatible with the extensive range of Coherent power and energy meters, including the recently launched Coherent LabMax Touch power meters. A second model features RS-232 for seamless integration with OEM industrial control systems.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Coherent offers a broad portfolio of laser test and measurement products, including a wide array of laser power and energy sensors, laser power meters, and beam diagnostics systems. These products cater to diverse photonics markets, including industrial, electronics, life sciences, medical, aerospace & defense, and scientific sectors.

For detailed specifications, application support, and to explore how the Coherent PM10K+ can enhance your laser measurement capabilities, visit www.coherent.com or contact a Coherent product specialist.