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Coherent achieves milestone of shipping more than 200 billion VCSEL emitters for sensing

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 1, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Coherent Corp. (NYSE: COHR), a global leader in optical sensing, today announced that it has shipped more than 200 billion vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser (VCSEL) emitters to date for sensing.

“In 2013, we began working on two-dimensional VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing in smart phones,” said Dr. Giovanni Barbarossa, Coherent Chief Strategy Officer and President, Materials Segment. “We scaled our production capabilities from 3-inch to 6-inch wafers in 2017, just in time to help enable the market launch of the first smartphones with facial biometrics. We believe sensing applications based on semiconductor lasers will continue to expand into new and exciting applications such as in smart watches for health monitoring and in smart glasses for extended reality. VCSELs will also continue to enable a growing market for in-cabin sensing and LiDAR in automotive.”

Coherent continues to innovate in sensing through vertical integration of differentiated technologies. The company recently announced a new VCSEL module technology that enables ultracompact pattern projectors, flood illuminators, and tightly integrated sensing subsystems. This patented module technology relies on an innovative flip-chip assembly of backside-emitting VCSEL arrays on application-specific integrated circuits and supports the integration of photodetector arrays.

Coherent offers a broad portfolio of components for sensing, including semiconductor laser diodes in the near-, shortwave-, and mid-infrared wavelength ranges; photodiodes; diffractive meta-optics; and laser driver ICs, as well as optoelectronic assemblies and illumination modules.