Laser FrameWork Accessories

Maintain quality, cut scrap, increase throughput, and lower costs with a range of process monitoring tools.

  • Visualize It Use embedded machine vision to lower production costs and improve processing.
  • Measure It Keep your laser beam accurately focused and working at its best.
  • Monitor It Watch welding in real time to immediately spot defects or even prevent them.
Smart Assistants

Laser System Accessories & Add-ons

Extend the capabilities of your Coherent laser machines and laser-based systems with dedicated accessories that deliver feedback and data for process improvement and documentation – but are still easy to use.


A compact, camera-based beam profiler that integrates directly into Coherent laser machines and laser systems.

On Point - Measures the beam profile at the actual point of focus within the system.


Multiple Parameters - Check beam waist diameter, intensity profile, focus location, M², and more.


Maintain Compliance - Includes data logging capabilities for process certification and tracking.


Combines value-priced optical and acoustic detectors with powerful AI software to deliver effective weld monitoring for less.

Spot Defects - Detect deviations from an OK condition during the laser process, i.e. weld defects like voids, microcracks or undercuts.


Monitor Processing - Sense power and power density changes, and shifts in laser spot focal-position.

Interpret Results - Use "pathway limits" or "teach" the system using artificial intelligence.



Embedded vision systems for Coherent Exact and PowerLine series products.

Reduce Tooling - Automatically determines part positions and orientations, and adjusts machine operation.

Cut Errors - PartVision identifies which parts have been loaded and selects the right next process step.

Simplifies Documentation - Acquires post-processing images for quality control and documentation.

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