THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems

Coherent’s patented THz-Raman Spectroscopy Systems extend the range of traditional Raman spectroscopy into the terahertz/low-wave number, exploring the same range of energy transitions as terahertz spectroscopy – without limiting the ability to measure the fingerprint region.

The THz-Raman spectral region covers both Stokes and anti-Stokes signals from ±5 cm-1to 200 cm-1, (or 150 GHz to 6 THz), which contain important structural information about the molecule or crystal lattice. This region reveals a new “structural fingerprint” to complement the traditional chemical fingerprint of Raman, enabling simultaneous analysis of both molecular structure and chemical composition in one instrument for advanced materials characterization.

Parameter Units Specification
Wavelength nm 532 785/808 976/1064
Power at sample port (min) mW 50 to 250* 300 300
* Specify power level at time of order
Spectrometer*: Fixed Grating Spectrometer Tunable Grating Spectrometer
Spectral Range (typical) -200cm-1 to +1800cm-1 0-1100 nm (w/Si Detector)
Spectral Resolution 2.5cm-1 to 5cm-1 1.25cm-1 or greater
Computer Interface USB USB



Polymorph Identification
Crystallization Monitoring
Process Analytical Test
Polymer Analysis
Transmission Raman
Explosives & Drug Detection
2D Nanomaterials
Photovoltaic Materials

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