Coherent brings the world closer together with the industry’s broadest portfolio of products for optical communications. The global optical network infrastructure underpins the internet and the cloud, a virtual place where people increasingly collaborate, shop, and find entertainment.

The cloud infrastructure continues to grow, driven by many ongoing trends. More users have access to greater bandwidth through mobile, wireline, and satellite services; more products are connected to the internet, such as in cars, consumer electronics, medical devices, and sensors; and a growing number of cloud-intensive applications, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, and the metaverse, are experiencing explosive growth. Coherent and its comprehensive range of communications and networking products are at the forefront of solutions for the cloud.

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For more than 50 years, Coherent technology has enabled advances in laser technology that continue to revolutionize manufacturing. Industrial lasers are increasingly more powerful, precise, and reliable, driving greater efficiencies. They have also become indispensable tools for manufacturing some of the most advanced products, from automobiles to medical devices. Customers leverage the deep expertise of our laser experts at Coherent Labs to expand materials processing capabilities and enable Industry 4.0.

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Coherent leverages a powerful range of compound semiconductor technology platforms to address rapidly growing applications in consumer electronics and automotive. For example, our semiconductor lasers are embedded in the front of smartphones to securely unlock them through facial biometric measurements. Semiconductor lasers are also found on the back of the phone to scan surroundings for emerging augmented reality applications.

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Coherent makes the world healthier by leveraging its expertise in materials, optics, lasers, and thermoelectrics. Our broad portfolio of products for the instrumentation market has been perfected over decades. They have been integrated into high-performance subsystems and produced at scale for our customers in three main applications.

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