Fixed-Gain EDFAs (Gain-Block EDFAs)

Power your high-bitrate transponder applications by choosing from a wide range of our compact EDFAs in a variety of packages to serve as uncontrolled gain blocks.

Our EDFAs combine industry-leading high-efficiency uncooled 980 nm pump lasers with advanced micro-optic passive hybrid-function components. A widely tunable optical filter may be optionally integrated to filter out ASE noise and increase transmission reach.

Fixed-Gain EDFAs (Gain Block EDFAs)

Typical applications include direct detection transponders, coherent transponders, and 100, 200, & 400 Gb/s transmission systems. 

Key Features

  • Custom compact form factors

  • Low power consumption (<2 Watts)

  • High output power up to 20 dBm

  • In-house 980 nm pump laser

  • Integrated tunable optical filter option