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Press Releases 2021


Mon, February 08 2021


Tue, January 19 2021

Coherent and II-VI to Jointly Supply Turnkey Automotive and Electrification Welding Solutions

Thu, December 17 2020

Coherent Launches Amplify Virtual Event Series Delivering Education, Networking, & Enablement for Users of Photonics Technology

Wed, November 04 2020

Coherent, Inc.'s Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Palatnik, to retire by March 2021

Thu, August 20 2020

Coherent Announces Executive Leadership Changes

Mon, August 03 2020

Coherent Adds EasyMark XL to Successful Laser Marking Systems Product Line

Thu, June 18 2020

Coherent Debuts Another Major Leap in Fiber Laser Welding Technology

Thu, June 04 2020

Diode Laser Offers High Output Power in a Compact, All-in-One Package

Thu, April 16 2020

相干公司任命 Andy Mattes 为新任首席执行官

Mon, April 06 2020

Coherent Appoints Andy Mattes as new CEO

Mon, April 06 2020

Coherent Creates Center of Excellence for Fiber Lasers in Tampere/Finland

Thu, April 02 2020

New Thermopile Sensors Enable Laser Power Measurement up to 6 kW

Tue, March 17 2020

Latest One-Box Femtosecond Amplifier Delivers Record Pulse Energy

Mon, February 10 2020

Introducing the First Switchable Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) Fiber Laser

Mon, November 11 2019

Laser Marker Offers Increased Throughput and Flexibility for Product Serialization

Thu, November 07 2019

New Ultrafast Laser Broadens Horizons for Multiphoton Imaging

Sat, October 19 2019

New Versatile Laser Sub-Systems for Organic and Glass Materials Processing

Fri, September 27 2019

Coherent Offers Turnkey Solution for Precision Metal Parts Welding

Wed, September 18 2019

PowerLine E 8 QT: UV Laser Sub-System Enables High Throughput Plastics Marking

Mon, June 24 2019

PowerLine Avia NX: High Power UV Laser Sub-System Speeds Wafer and Packaging Cutting

Mon, June 24 2019

SmartWeld+ Delivers Significantly Improved Laser Welding Results

Mon, June 24 2019

Coherent Offers Design and Volume Production of OEM Fiber Assemblies

Mon, June 24 2019

HyperRapid NXT: Advanced Pulse Synchronization Improves Picosecond Laser Micromachining

Mon, June 24 2019

PowerMax Pro OEM: Fast OEM Laser Power Sensor Elevates In-Line Control of Critical Processes

Mon, June 24 2019

Axon: Compact Ultrafast Laser Lowers Costs for Microscopy and Other Applications

Mon, June 24 2019

Monaco UV: Introducing High Reliability, Industrial UV Femtosecond Laser for Precision Cutting

Mon, June 24 2019

ExactWeld 230 P: Laser Welding System for Polymers Delivers High Speed and Superior Results

Mon, June 10 2019

Coherent Creates a Center of Excellence for Industrial Laser Processing Systems and Sub-Systems

Tue, March 05 2019

Coherent Launches ExactCut — First in a New Series of Precision Laser Machines

Tue, February 19 2019

Coherent THz-Raman® Modules Reveal Sample Phase Morphology

Fri, February 01 2019

HighLight SQD Simplifies Fiber Laser Process Monitoring

Fri, December 14 2018

CleanWeld™ – A new approach to fiber laser welding

Wed, October 24 2018

Nufern NuBEAM Flat-Top Fiber Technology Receives 2017 Prism Award

Thu, January 04 2018

New Ultrafast Laser Streamlines MPE Microscopy

Sat, November 11 2017

Coherent Introduces New QBH Format, Air-Cooled Fiber Optic Cables

Mon, June 26 2017

New Fiber to Fiber Coupler with Power Handling Capability of 12 kW (CW)

Mon, June 26 2017

New UV Nanosecond Laser Offers Unmatched Lifetime for Micromachining

Mon, June 26 2017

New 10 kW HighLight Fiber Laser Combines Innovation and Reliability to Enable Higher Throughput in Materials Processing

Mon, June 19 2017

New Visible Diode Laser Modules Feature High CW Power and Superior Beam Quality

Mon, January 30 2017

New Femtosecond Lasers Offer Higher Pulse Energy and Higher Repetition Rates

Mon, January 30 2017

New Family of Thulium Fibers Enables Production of Highest Power Fiber Lasers at 2 µm

Mon, January 30 2017

New Compact, Light Weight, Industrial Fiber Laser Processing Head

Mon, January 30 2017

Small 120W CO2 Laser Enables Compact Machine Tools

Mon, January 30 2017

Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine Simplifies OEM Life Sciences Instrumentation

Mon, January 30 2017

Higher Power Nanosecond Lasers Cut Thicker Films, PCBs, and Flex Substrates

Mon, January 30 2017

High Power Pulsed Fiber Laser Enables Precision Material Removal

Mon, January 30 2017

OPA Delivers Short Pulsewidth and Wide Tuning

Mon, February 15 2016

High Brightness Taipan HD Lasers

Fri, February 12 2016

Green Nanosecond Lasers Increase Materials Processing

Fri, February 12 2016

Coherent's New Generation of High Power, Industrial, Picosecon

Fri, February 12 2016

New Tablet Laser Measurement App Delivers Enhanced Ease-of-Use

Fri, February 12 2016

Industrial Femtosecond Green Laser for Superior Materials Proc

Fri, February 12 2016

High Speed Laser Sensors Now Available in a Lower Cost, “Meteterless" Package

Fri, February 12 2016

High Power Violet Lasers Improve Cytometry

Fri, February 12 2016

New Laser Line Generator for High Precision Machine Vision

Fri, January 22 2016

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