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25. März 2021 von Coherent
Coherent ARM Laser Delivers Copper Welding with High Brightness

Making the case for the power of IR over green lasers

Increasing Li-ion battery production volumes to fuel the rising demand for e-mobility and renewable energy puts pressure on manufacturers to improve production yields and throughput to stay competitive.  

A critical step in many applications is welding copper, thin foils, and dissimilar materials in a scalable solution that delivers the desired production throughput, quality, and cost characteristics. In response, we’ve developed a novel infrared fiber laser technology that overcomes the limitations of other sources.  

Read the whitepaper: Powering e-mobility

The most recent Coherent innovation in ARM fiber lasers is a single-mode center beam option.  This benefits copper welding, in particular, because it provides the power required to readily melt the material, despite its relatively low IR absorption coefficient.   

In fact, Coherent application specialists have recently discovered the lower infrared absorption of copper is actually an advantage.  

Read the application note: Copper welding with high brightness

By allowing the laser to penetrate deeper into the keyhole, the yield is more stable and less turbulent process – the Coherent ARM laser dramatically reduces spatter. You’ll also see it delivers: 

  • Higher speed than current green lasers 
  • Weld penetration depths that meet production requirements
  • Insensitivity to changes in material surface appearance for a stable process 


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