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Solving the most difficult manufacturing challenges with thought leadership and innovative laser systems solutions. Our experts engage customers on over 2,500 projects per year. 

  • World-Class Expertise Manufacturers around the world find the best fit and process for their production line by consulting with Coherent Labs.
  • Widest Process Window Metals. Plastics. Ceramics. And more. See how we can widen the process window for your projects.
  • Global Portfolio of Success Stories Innovative manufacturers around the world are leveraging solutions and process improvement adaptations from Coherent Labs.
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Get The Right Fit

Pulse width. Wavelength. Power. Finding the best laser solution is challenging — from the research lab to proof of concept to scaled production line. Our industry-savvy Coherent Labs experts are focused on finding a fit that powers your business forward. 


Get The Right Cut

Glass. Ceramics. Metals. Plastics. Organics. No matter what material you’re using, Coherent Labs experts can help you maximize tooling, part geometries, laser process parameters, and motion for production-ready processing windows.



Get The Right Weld

Welding with speed and precision can be challenging. Coherent Labs experts help you tackle any material, increase versatility, and improve your production workflow, easily integrating with part handling and factory automations.





Get The Right Mark

Choosing a laser marker that can hit your targets is easier when consulting with Coherent Labs. Drive and maintain maximum throughput by finding a laser marking system — from tabletop to fully automated — that fits your needs.



Get The Right Material

Diode, fiber, and excimer laser with tailored beam shapes are able to modify material properties. Annealing, hardening, and cladding are easily accomplished by our laser and process optic solutions.