Monaco 1300 Simplifies Three-Photon Imaging

The Coherent Monaco 1300 is a one-box ultrafast 1300 nm light source developed specifically for three-photon (3P) imaging, with a switchable secondary output at 1035 nm for two-photon (2P) photostimulation and imaging applications.

June 09, 2022 by Coherent


Three-photon excitation in the 1300 nm wavelength window is fast gaining interest in microscopy applications - from neuroscience to intravital imaging - for several reasons. The scattering and absorption characteristics of most tissues create a window of high penetration depth at this wavelength. Just as important,  three-photon excitation can deliver higher signal-to-noise than two-photon excitation with virtually no out-of-focus fluorescence. Plus, it further reduces the possibility of any photodamage compared to 2P excitation.

Until now, researchers have used an ultrafast laser to pump a standalone optical parametric amplifier (OPA) to obtain the 1300 nm ultrafast pulses. The new Monaco 1300 is a one-box hands-free source with a pulse width shorter than 50 fs, which delivers outstanding 3P images because image brightness is proportional to the square of peak power times the average power. This laser delivers up to 2.5 W of output and can be operated at 1, 2, and 4 MHz repetition rates, supporting fast image acquisition. The circular high-quality (M2 <1.3) beam maximizes microscope throughput, imaging efficiency, and image resolution in all three axes.

The single-box package also includes the option of the popular Total Power Control (TPC) feature that provides on-the-fly power attenuation and fast optical gating. Another important integrated option in Monaco 1300 is a Compact Pulse Compressor (CPC) that provides dispersion precompensation for optimum pulse width at the sample. 

An additional feature of the new laser is switchable access to the 1035 nm Monaco fundamental wavelength. This can be operated at up to 50 MHz with very high (60 W) average power, making this output an ideal source for two-photon photostimulation and very fast imaging.

Like all Monaco series lasers, the Monaco 1300 is HALT-designed and HASS-verified for the highest quality and industrial-grade 24/7 reliability, maximizing lab productivity. (HALT refers to highly accelerated life testing during product development and HASS refers to highly accelerated stress screening for final product certification.)

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