Coherent designs, manufactures and markets laser sources, laser tools and systems, laser measurement instrumentation, and laser components for a wide range of markets and applications.


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Put Laser Safety First

Laser SafetyWhether you are new to laser safety or more experienced, please visit Coherent's laser safety page to review governing standards, learn classification criteria or watch the laser safety video.

Chameleon Family
As the world's leading supplier of laser solutions, Coherent offers a diverse portfolio of laser sources for a broad range of commercial and scientific applications.
Meta laser cutter

Compact, flexible laser cutters used on a wide range of materials.

Laser power and energy meters, beam diagnostic instrumentation, laser mode measurement and spectral analysis instruments for all applications.
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Coherent takes technology to new heights with its new product portfolio. Discover the newest laser products and measurement instruments from Coherent.

Diamond CO2 Lasers
With over 40 years of supporting scientific and commercial laser markets, Coherent knows how important it is to provide superior service solutions to establish lasting partnerships that enable our customers to achieve success today and well into the future.
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