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Existing customers of CREATOR, ROBOLASER, and EVO Series products, all formerly OR-Laser products, are notified that these products have been discontinued by Coherent, Inc.

Product warranty and service commitments will be honored through the schedule published here. Support will continue through the December 31, 2024, including:

- Telephone and online support

- Field service and repair*

- Replacement parts orders*

After December 31, 2024, replacement parts, repair, and technical support will be available on a best effort basis.

Questions about this product announcement can be sent to queries.orlaser@coherent.com, or contact your local Coherent representative.

* Depending on parts availability; some parts may not be available after a date earlier than published here.

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EVO Series

EVO Station FL 150 W
EVO Mobile FL 150 W to 600 W
EVO Cube FL 300 W to 600 W

Diodeline OEM 120 W to 300 W with welding or scanner head