Zebrafish Brain

Adaptive optics (AO) over a large volume in the living zebrafish brain. 3D rendering after AO correction of a membrane-labeled subset of neurons imaged by TPE fluorescence microscopy. Ultra II at 950nm exciting YFP. (Image Courtesy of Prof. Wang Kai from Institute of Neuroscience, CAS.)

Mouse Tumour

Mouse Tumour SHG, collagen fibers Green: Autofluorescence, 810nm (Image courtesy of Thomas Guilbert. Institut Cochin, Paris)

3D View of Murine Gastric Mucosa

Tissue autofluorescence excited at 710nm (blue and yellow),Second harmonic generation at 990nm (red). (Credits: Andreas Gebert and Tobias Fischer Institute of Anatomy, University Hospital Jena, Germany)

Triple transgenic CFP/eYFP/eGFP fluorescent reporter mouse

Triple transgenic CFP/eYFP/eGFP fluorescent reporter mouse to study neuroinflammatory events in vivo by two-photon microscopy. A: Following injection of 655-Qdots probes, a standard 2-color imaging highlights blood vessels (red) and Thy1-expressing axons (cyan) in the spinal cord of an adult mouse 17 days after EAE induction. B: In an additional EYFP channel acquired concomitantly, the high density of CD11c-EYFP+ microglial cells (yellow) reveals the pathological activation of CNS resident immune cells during EAE progression C: At this stage of the disease, circulating LysM-EGFP+ peripheral immune cells (green) are also recruited in the parenchyma, as visible in a 4th color channel. C-D: Simultaneity of channels acquisition combined with spatial and temporal resolution allows for intravital identification of cellular contact between resident (yellow) and peripheral (green) immune cells (white arrow). These contacts are transients, lasting a few seconds (delay between C and D: 65 sec). Image acquired at 940nm light excitation. Scale bar: 20 μm. (Images courtesy of Frank Debarbieux)

Three color imaging of mouse cortex to 500um CFP/GFP

- Astrocytes in cyan - Neurones in Green - Vasculature in Red (Image courtesy of Frank Debarbieux)

Chameleon Discovery Crated Drop Test

Reliability put to the test. See for yourself as our Chameleon Discovery survives the Created Drop Test.