940 nm VCSEL Flood Illuminator Modules

Use for 3D sensing tasks needing a large field of illumination (FOI), e.g., driving monitoring systems (DMS), occupancy monitoring systems (OMS), and gesture recognition.

Housed in a SMT package, these ultra-compact modules can be used to create narrow or wide fields of illumination for a broad range of optical 3D sensing tasks. They are cost-optimized optimized for high-volume and are based on a AECQ-102 qualified VCSEL.

940 nm VCSEL Flood Illuminator Modules

Get two different FOI options: either 60° x 45° or 110x85° (Batwing Profile). They feature a nanosecond risetime and include a monitor photodiode for closed-loop operation.

Key Features

  • Package type: SMT

  • 940 nm multi-mode VCSEL

  • 2.4 mm x 3.3 mm x 1.2 mm

  • FOI: 60° x 45° or 110x85° (Batwing Profile)

  • Monitor Photodiode

  • AEC-Q102 Qualified