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Chameleon Compact OPO Family

The Chameleon Compact OPO family are handsfree, automated wavelength extension options using optical parametric oscillator technology. They are purpose designed to be pumped with the Chameleon Ultra and Vision series Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Chameleon MPX

Chameleon MPX extends the wavelength range of Chameleon Vision and Ultra Ti:Sapphire lasers, and is specifically designed and optimized for non-linear imaging techniques. Featuring a wide pump tuning range, the Chameleon MPX offers independently tunable dual beam excitation of popular fluorescent probes (e.g. eGFP, mCherry), with enabling powerful and truly flexible multimodal imaging.

Chameleon Compact OPO

Dual tunability performance offering wavelength extension to 1600nm with OPO signal and to 4000nm with idler using the latest fan-poled opo crystal technology

Chameleon Compact OPO- Vis

The ultimate in widely tunable femtosecond lasers. The OPO-Vis add frequency doubling to both the Pump laser and OPO to give continuous tuning from 340 nm to 1600 nm. Wavelengths can be selected by the click of a button giving users the ability to spend more time on their science, and less time optimising their laser.

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Multiphoton Excitation (MPE)
Terahertz Imaging
Confocal Microscopy
Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy
CARS/SRS Microscopy
Features & Benefits

Chameleon Compact OPO Long wavelength tuning capability up to 1600 nm, with idler option to extend to 4000 nm. Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use by non-laser experts, Compact OPO is a truly “black box” wavelength extension. No adjustment is required during tuning and the OPO can be controlled via USB or RS232 link.

Chameleon Compact OPO-Vis provides automated frequency doubling of the OPO and laser output.. Used in conjunction with the Compact OPO and Chameleon pump lasers, it gives access to an unprecedented automated tuning range of 340 nm to 1600 nm, with simple touch screen controls and no manual intervention. This OPO provides hundreds of milliwatts of output power over most of its tuning range that can be expanded to cover also the mid IR region between 1750 nm and 4000 nm.

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