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MBR Ring Series

MBR ring series is a family of high-performance and ultra-stable tunable CW Ti:Sapphire lasers. Featuring monolithographic resonator design, it delivers the highest passive stability and the highest power from a CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser.

MBR ring series is the ideal CW source for applications ranging from atom trapping and cooling, fluorescence spectroscopy, high-resolution to molecular spectroscopy.

Tunable CW Ti:Sapphire Lasers

Birefringent Filter
Thin Etalon
Dual Brewster Plates
Reference Cavity
Electronic Etalon Lock
Electronic Wavelength Scanning
Linewidth (rms)
<75 kHz
<10 MHz
<5 MHz
<5 MHz
<8 GHz
Tuning Range
700 nm to 1030 nm
Output Power (V18 pumped)
>3500 mW
Amplitude Stability (rms)
  • MBR 110 Single-frequency, ultra-narrow linewidth, mode-hop free, 30 GHz scanning capabilities, CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser.
  • MBR PS Passive scan. Single-frequency, narrow linewidth, mode-hop free, 30 GHz scanning, CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser.
  • MBR EL Etalon lock. Single-frequency, narrow linewidth, mode-hop free, CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser.
  • MBR PE Passive Etalon. Single-frequency, narrow linewidth, CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser.
  • MBR 01 Multi-mode, CW tuneable Ti:Sapphire laser.

Atom Cooling and Trapping
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
High-Resolution Spectroscopy
Fluorescence Excitation
Fluorophores Excitation
Features & Benefits

The MBR stability advantage

MBR ring lasers offer you all the advantages that our 20-plus years of experience in the design and production of high-performance CW Ti:Sapphire lasers can provide. Their monolithic block resonator provides unsurpassed passive stability. For single-frequency operation the Invar reference cavity is integrated in the monolithic design rather than placed in a remote location. The passive stability provides superior performance and reliability for cutting-edge research applications with CW tunable lasers.

The MBR ease of use advantage

Unlike other laser systems the MBR eliminates the need for regular mirror adjustments, because all mirrors and optics are integral to the monolithic frame. Requiring very little user intervention the MBR is free from the mirror adjustments required in competing systems. This advantage is enhanced by the broadband optics set that covers the full Ti:Sapphire tuning range by simply changing the output coupler. In the narrowest linewidth versions a unique dual Brewster plate setup eliminates the beam-pointing issues common to tuning mirror designs. An automatic wavelength scanning feature (RS-232) is available with a scan range of 30 GHz at a fast tuning speed of 8 GHz/second.

The MBR Verdi pumping advantage

The pump laser is critical to the performance of every Ti:Sapphire laser. The optimum configuration for an MBR is pumping with the Verdi, which is the industry’s leading green (532 nm) pump laser. All Coherent Ti:Sapphire lasers, including the MBR and our ultrafast lasers, such as the Chameleon and Mira, are designed to take advantage of up to 18W of green high-performance Verdi pump power. As a single-frequency pump laser the Verdi has the lowest amplitude noise, which creates the lowest amplitude noise from the MBR. When Verdi-pumped at 18W, the MBR provides >3.5 W of output for power-hungry applications.

The MBR family advantage

A complete range of MBR versions, from broadband to single-frequency operation, meets a wide range of application needs. Linewidth narrowing with a birefringent filter is standard for all versions. Adding a thin etalon, dual Brewster plates or a reference cavity narrows the linewidth further. All MBR versions are fully upgradeable to units with higher specifications.

Features include:

  • Monolithic resonator for highest passive stability
  • Highest power from a CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser
  • Single mirror change provides access to full tuning range
  • Versions from broad linewidth to single-frequency operation
  • Full upgrade options within the MBR family

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